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An experience at Nadra office


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THIS is apropos of Rana Sajid’s letter ‘Passport seekers’ woes in Faisalabad’ (July 11) . I would like to point out to the authorities concerned that the situation in Lahore is no different from the situation in Faisalabad as mentioned by Mr Sajid.

Last month I had to go to the Nadra office, situated in Lahore’s Barkat Market, to get my passport made. I reached the Nadra office at 9am but returned home at 5pm, completely exhausted.

There were about 100 people outside in the long queue waiting for their turn, and then inside there were even more people, around 500, some of them were sitting while others were standing waiting for their numbers to be called.

The worst part was that the majority of the people had given Rs1,000 to different agents and, as a result, their turn at each of the different countres came quicker and they received VIP treatment. This aspect is absolutely unfair for the rest of the public who engages in the whole process sincerely without offering any bribes.

It is only when the government adopts a strict policy to abolish this unfair treatment, dishonesty and the bribe system that Pakistan can successfully make progress and become a developed country.

The infrastructure at the Nadra office is also very poor: air-conditioning was hardly working and there were few ceiling fans and chairs to make comfortable the entire public in the hot weather.

Pakistan does receive a lot of foreign aid. Instead of wasting this aid, the authorities concerned should improve the infrastructure of such public areas as the Nadra office because getting a national identity card made and getting a passport made when necessary is a basic human right.


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Ahmed Jul 21, 2012 11:25am
I had applied for a NICOP from NADRA. Their rep at the Washington DC was a smart young lady who gave me a form which I filled out and returned and she told me all looked fine and that I would be able to view the status of my application in online in a a week's time. And sure enough, a week later I went to the NADRA website address I was given, and was able to view the status as being "in process". Marvelling at this hi-tech efficiency of NADRA, I checked again after a few days - and the status was indicated that my application had been denied, and with no explanation provided for the reason my application was denied. I called up a relative (a military officer) in Pakistan who was good enough to send a man down to NADRA to ask what the problem was since I met all the qualifications for a NICOP, and was told that the NADRA staff had offered no explanation and simply assured the staff that they would take care of it. And sure enough, a couple of days later the status was changed to approved and sometime after I received my precious NICOP by mail!
Bilal Jul 21, 2012 12:16pm
This is the fruits of Rehman Malik. Go vote for PPP if you want this continued.
anonymous Jul 21, 2012 03:13pm
I have an even better story to tell.In Sindh they also enter divorce data.My divorce was entered years ago.My ex needed to enter US using his '92 marriage documents with me .With his father being Retrd Supreme court judge,it was easy for him to obtain a 'CANCEL DIVORCE 'document from NADRA.
Zafar Malik Jul 21, 2012 03:10pm
Although it still not perfect, the Pakistan Consulate Visa Section in New York has improved tremendously. Processing Passports and ID cards by NADRA has streamlined the whole system and made it as modern as it can be. During a recent visit for a new ID card and Passport for my mother I was really amazed by the efficiency, professionalism and courteous behavior of both the Consulate Staff and NADRA officials. The tiny room which serves as Visa and Passport section was crowded but very orderly. People were waiting patiently for their numbers to be called, which was new for me. Coin Operated Photo copier and Camera was working perfectly, and even there was an employee of Consulate General in the room to help people and answer their questions. NADRA also handled it's job very efficiently, quickly and in a very polite and civil manner. Thanks a million.: Pakistani people do not ask for a lot from our government employees: Just fairness and decency.
Sam Jul 21, 2012 04:22am
NADRA office and procedure is a shame now.NADRA is same everywhere.
Najam Yusuf Jul 21, 2012 06:51am
Agree with the details, as is mine experience same in Barkat Market Passport office, but please discuss another thing,the agents are boys not more then of 25 years of age, earning a good amount without improving any sort of skill level., after few (not more then 5 years ), younger boys will come to replace them, they will be replaced, but what about them, they require the income but their skill level, absolute ZERO.please understand the problem .
shh Jul 21, 2012 07:34am
agreed@ Same Situation in Peshawer.
wizarat Jul 21, 2012 01:22pm
This is one GOP department that is still working. I live in the US and got two NICOP done for my children over the Net. After filling the forms and paying the appropriate fees, I received the cards in 6 weeks by DHL.