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Parties do not stand revived

PESHAWAR: Khan Habibullah Khan, the Central Home Minister, who arrived here this morning on a week’s tour of the Peshawar region, told a Press conference that “if there is a strong, popular demand to take up the past misdeeds” of Khan Qayyum Khan as Chief Minister of the former NWFP, and if the President is agreeable to such an inquiry, “it can be held”.

He himself was not inclined to initiate such an inquiry.

In a 90-minute talk with Pressmen, touching upon some burning issues in the country, he said he was of the view that the “old Muslim League” could not be revived under the present law. He could not agree to the interpretation that when a certain political party is declared suspended or dissolved by a certain law, it stands revived automatically after that law is abrogated.

The Home Minister’s view implied that none of the political parties existing on the eve of Martial Law could be revived, according to his interpretation.—Staff Correspondent 

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