DACCA: Influential Muslim League circles of East Pakistan — at least those who are not in office — appear to have not yet made up their minds as to the re-organisation or otherwise of the Muslim League. They are more inclined to “wait and discuss” among the old veterans of the party than to commit themselves this way or that.

The statement of Mr Manzar-e-Alam, Joint Secretary of the old Muslim League, on the revival of the party has been received here with surprise. Some of the old Muslim Leaguers have wondered how Mr Manzar could make such a statement without even consulting the front rank leaders of the party of this Wing. A number of old Muslim Leaguers have already issued Press statements in this behalf.

Maulana Akram Khan, who was the Vice-President of the Pakistan Muslim League at the time of imposition of ban on parties under the Martial Law, said he had not been able to understand the situation and was, therefore, unable to give his views on the revival of the Muslim League at this stage. He confessed that he was in a state of confusion regarding the revival of the Muslim League.

The old guard of the Muslim League said, however, that he had not been consulted so far on the question of reviving the League, and stressed that such a discussion among the old leaders of the party was most essential before any step was taken.

Shah Azizur Rahman, has said that the opinion of Muslim Leaguers all over the province is being ascertained on the issue of reviving the League. — Correspondent

‘United Front in a month’s time’ RAWALPINDI: All shades of political opinion will unite together under the banner of the United Front in a month’s time in East Pakistan. This was stated here tonight by Syed Hussain Mansur, one of the five leaders of the Pak Peoples Group. — Agencies

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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