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A Pakistani man is reflected in the mirror of a street barber while having a haircut, as a youth jumps in to a canal to cool off, in Lahore.—AP Photo
A Pakistani man is reflected in the mirror of a street barber while having a haircut, as a youth jumps in to a canal to cool off, in Lahore.—AP Photo

WASHINGTON: Ninety five per cent Pakistanis believe they are in financial trouble and blame their government for the same, says a US survey.

About 10 per cent blame banks and financial institutions, 32 per cent blame the world’s biggest scapegoat, the United States, while two per cent also blame the European Union.

A large minority, 33 per cent, blame themselves for the situation they are in.

The survey, by Washington’s Pew Research Institute, shows that 70 per cent Pakistanis in 2008 believed they were in “good personal economic situation.” It reduced to 51 per cent 2012, a 19 per cent decline in four years.

In 2008, 41 per cent Pakistanis believed their country was in a “good national economic situation.” It reduced to nine per cent in 2012, registering 32 per cent decline in four years.

Despite the problems they are facing, most Pakistanis continue to believe that they are better off in free market economy. In 2002, 50 per cent Pakistan believed in the free market, 60 per cent in 2007, 65 per cent in 2009, 64 per cent in 2010, and 48 per cent in 2012.

But the figures do show a 12 per cent decline in their trust in the free market.

In 2002, 49 per cent had little satisfaction with the country’s economic direction, which reduced to 29 per cent in 2003 but improved to 54 per cent in 2004. In 2005, it reduced to 57 per cent, and in 2006 to 35 per cent. It slightly improved to 39 per cent in 2007 but reduced to 25 per cent in 2008.

The biggest fall came in 2009 when the Pakistanis’ confidence in their economic direction reduced to just nine per cent. In 2010, it improved to 14 per cent but again fell to six per cent in 2011 and improved to 12 per cent in 2012.

Pakistanis who see their national economic condition as good have been reduced from 59 to nine per cent in less than five years.

In 2002, 49 per cent said they had confidence in their national economic condition. In 2007 it improved to 59 per cent, but in 2008, it reduced to 41 per cent, in 2009 to 22 per cent, in 2010 to 18, in 2011 to 12. And in 2012 it hit the rock bottom with only nine per cent saying they see their national economic condition as good.

Only 26 per cent Pakistanis believe the situation will improve. Twenty-three per cent say it will remain the same while 43 per cent say it will worsen.

Only nine per cent Pakistani say their personal economic condition is better than the country’s.

Asked how were they doing now compared to five years ago, 23 per cent Pakistanis said they were financially better off, 17 per cent said they were about the same and 57 per cent said they were worse off.

Asked how was their standard of living as compared to their parents at the same age, 38 per cent said better, 16 per cent said about the same and 42 per cent said it was worse.

Despite the hardships they face, an overwhelming number of Pakistanis, 81 per cent, believe hard work is the key to success. Only15 per cent say it is not.

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Jul 15, 2012 08:55pm
Jul 15, 2012 09:20am
Rest 5 percent would be politicians.
Abid Hussain baig
Jul 15, 2012 09:49am
Though the people of Pakistan are in deep trouble in all areas but all these sufferes will vote for the same Goverenment. People do not learn from past but forget all the difficulties at the time of voting. Almighty Allah give them strength and vision to decide for the best people & party to choose in coming election.
Jul 14, 2012 03:15pm
The statistic abundantly declares loss of faith in the country and in what it loftily stands for.
Jul 14, 2012 03:11pm
Are you guilty conscious ?
Hassan Shah
Jul 14, 2012 11:02am
Mr. Pandey as a token for our friendship we open heartedly offer you to take Sir Zaid Hamid into the right "Camp" we will consider it an act of friendship from your side :)
Jul 14, 2012 10:48am
For most pakistanis, religion comes first, second,third, and last. That is a problem.
Ashok Pandey
Jul 14, 2012 10:43am
I have see a lot of TV shows in which Sir Zaid Hamid was a guest.I really admire the conviction of his thoughts. But could not agree with him at any point.He has got very good etiquettes and is very presentable but some how in a wrong camp.
Ashok Pandey
Jul 14, 2012 10:40am
I feel sorry for people like VIkas in India.I respect Pakistan's existence as its a reality now. Sorry Vikas you could had have a better comment . I am 100% with the view that India and Pakistan share the same problem to some existent and a cooperation will only help.
Jul 16, 2012 12:49pm
2+2 =4. It is not -5, 2, 5, 10 or infinity. What Allah has revealed has to be followed. There cannot be two ways. Allah's revelations encompass all spheres of life. So there is just one way. If someone is not following the way, the person is wayward and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Understand?
Jul 15, 2012 08:33pm
the rest five % are taliban and co.!
Jul 16, 2012 12:56pm
That is the way it should be also. We all need to follow the religion that Allah has revealed through his favorite and last messanger.
Jul 15, 2012 09:22am
He is just joking, don't take him seriously. I really meant it.
hamza khan
Jul 15, 2012 11:57pm
someone bring back musharraf!!
Jul 14, 2012 12:46pm
So you come to a Pakistani newspaper to tell Pakistanis you dont want to have anything to do with them? :-)
Jul 14, 2012 10:32am
we dont have a single mind working here.the best is we totally cut of diplomatic and all other ties with each other.i think both sides have already tried to be friends but it is not to be.
Jul 16, 2012 07:18am
Comparing India is not fair. They are now in the G 20 and we pakistanis are not even in the G 120. So its time to pull your socks and see the reality. Stop bashing our neighbors and start learning from them. I hope Khan become our leader PM and show us how to think and progress in a constructive way.
Jul 14, 2012 11:58am
one of the reason for decline in economy is also the image of pakistan droped worldwide after mumbai attack, pakistani rupee was stronger than indian rupee few years back, pakistanis are more sensitive for religion,more madresas than schools, & hate speeches for india & us openly from various religious leaders oftenly,... change in belief & mindset is must for majority pakistanis, I want to visit pakistan as a tourist but scared,.. i dont know when can i visit beautiful swat valey,, hope for the best to come..
Jul 14, 2012 12:19pm
Zakir you should further elaborate before making an abrupt statement like that.
Jul 14, 2012 12:19pm
States of UP, Bihar and Bengal are worse than Pakistan in development. I wish they were separated from India.. Millions from their wretched cities have migrated to Mumbai, Thane and Pune and made a mess of these cities.
Jul 16, 2012 12:41pm
I feel you are some politicians brattish son.
Jul 16, 2012 12:42pm
What are the prospects of a non-pakistani getting pakistani citizenship? Are you a pakistani mr. ali (ms. ali)? For how long can one get a pakistani visa? Some saudis wish to move over.
Jul 16, 2012 12:51am
whoever wrote this is a good idea. both these countries should be working for development and infrastructure. not fighting . working 2gether will help the region .
Jul 16, 2012 07:17am
Pandey dear, even I accept Pakistan's existence as a reality. And yes, we have problems at our hand, but how come Pakistan is going to help on it? Are they helping through 26/11 or via people like Abu Jundal?
B R Chawla
Jul 16, 2012 03:08am
There is absolutely no place for rejoicing if one of the twin brothers is in trouble be it India or Pakistan. Both must come together to help each other than putting the blames. It is unfortunate that the blood brothers are at lgger heads over a peace of land that should indeed be developed jointly in the spirit of the welfare of the people in the modern Concept of a Welfare state where the boundaries become redundant. Let them not live in an atmosphere of hatred, animosity suspicion and self denial. For this both the Governmets - of India and Pakistan should take lead in reviving brotherhood by taking out hate agenda from the text books. Chawla
Jean Verlander
Jul 15, 2012 08:08am
That is the PROBLEM Pakistan blames everybody but themselves.
Jul 14, 2012 09:58am
In fact the masses have no confidence in the prevailing situation, majority are hopeless with no future!
Jul 16, 2012 07:41am
There was a famous show in US "Whose line is that anyway".... This is what I need to ask Dawn. Don't we in Pak know the problem. You are only giving Indians an opportunity to spit their venom on your precious real estate space. I still think Pak's problem are only /10th of India's huge problem. I am really tired and sick of seeing Indian misusing this platform. They are not making any friends. There is so much of "Aman ki Asah"....we don't need each other. It was the line that Mr. Jinnah gave us.
Jul 15, 2012 03:36pm
bhai jaan, we burst these crackers every year at deepawli, and muslim brothers too do it on their festival..so just relax... although, we surely are nobody when it comes to match with the STUDENTS. you know who?
Jul 15, 2012 11:14am
what has your statement to do with the title of this article?
Jul 14, 2012 08:23am
Last line of this research proves everything , 81 % are me and you........ 15 % including cabinet , assemblies , P.M house ,Presidency , Secteriats in all provinces................... Pakistan Zindabad
Jul 14, 2012 08:47am
Thankfully you guys were separated.
Jul 14, 2012 08:51am
We want Sir Zaid Hamid to rule us, then all these problems will be solved
Jul 14, 2012 09:14am
Vikas, absolutely no doubt totally agree. We are going thru tough times in Pakistan but thete is no doubt we are better off.
dhiraj garg
Jul 14, 2012 09:17am
amazingly, India is not blamed for anything??? something must be wrong !!! :P
Jul 14, 2012 09:27am
@Zakir(Naik) please take Zaid Hamid to India as we don't need him in Pakistan. @Vikas in all cases we're so happy that we're separated from India too but if India and Pakistan has a single mind working then they both should focus on Saarc development. Putting each other down with silly comments wont solve the issues unless we citizens of both countries don't respect the existence of each other and not ready to force our govt to cooperate with each other.
Jul 14, 2012 03:55pm
No actually something is wrong in ur country where everything is blamed on Pakistan, which included even births
Jul 14, 2012 05:03pm
Pakistan's problem is to have an exclusionist mind set. People focus on what is NOT. Ahmadis are not muslims. Muslims CANNOT live with non-muslims etc. The society is divided into very small sections, pathans, baloochs, sindhis and punjabis etc. So contributing to one nation and perceive it one country is difficult for its people. Pakistan has to work on integrating their country in one fabric. Also thousands of years of Muslim history is to have brutal autocrats ruling. Rule by masses is a very new concept for Muslims. The tendency to go back to military rule in Pakistan, and many a time, preferred by masses, is due to the this history, in my opinion.
Ashok Pandey
Jul 14, 2012 05:33pm
hahahah Hassan... With wrong camp I never meant to that he is in pakistan.. He is not good good in any country..Fundamentalist dont have space any where.So he is good with etiquettes but then his view are deterimental for both pakistan and india. I appreciate ur humour anyways :) .. Cheers!
Jul 14, 2012 06:05pm
It is funny how quickly we point fingers and do not want to take blame. No matter where we are from, if something is not right.....lets admit it that it is NOT right!!! We have ourselves to blame for this embarrassing %age. Few years back we were all pretty much same, all of a sudden all around us in the subcontinent, everyone else progressed and we sadly regressed. NO ONE CAN DENY IT!!! It is human nature to get defended with comments that are demeening (sometimes true)..... Question is, have we learnt from all of this or we keep watching others go further up????
Manish tomar
Jul 14, 2012 07:21pm
I don't know how pakistan is and how is life style of average pakistani..But one thing would like to tell you being a bihari or Bhyia from UP i don't see any worst kinda situation here..Until unless pakistan achieved some extraordinary milestone i am sure we are going good.It is globalization time everywhere ..you can't expect Mircrosoft or mercedes benz will open their center in Patna or lucknow.demographically condition participates major role in individual ..Just to remind you illegal migration in mumbai is mainly all due to bangladeshi .But agree that a good leadeship can do better development inspite of all constraint and Narendra modi is an example of that..
Jul 14, 2012 07:28pm
I lived in the US for the past 25+ years. I have also stayed last 3 years in Pakistan for extended period of time. My personal observation is very different. Pakistan seems to be doing great. Tons of new cars, fancy malls, even a begger can afford to eat a chicken tikka. Small shops and stores do so well that most dont bother to treat customers nice. But the best part are marriages just a lousy 10 grand for a simple marriage. Pakistanies are doing excellent, super cheap healthcare, housing and food. I have made the move to Pakistan for good. My last 3 years in Pakistan are the best of my life I even have a driver and a cook and a masi. Pakistan is the place to move and not to run away from.
Jul 14, 2012 07:54pm
I bet the 5% who don't find themselves in trouble are the politicians and the military. I wonder what would Gilani have to say - maybe, the 95% of Pakistanis who find themselves in trouble should leave - who is stopping them? With the leaders as corrupt as the country has, future looks pretty sad. I think Pakistan needs a leader like Imran Khan. Get him in quick, before it is too late.
Jul 14, 2012 08:32pm
good... i am very pleased to know that... keep it up my pakistani politicians
Jul 14, 2012 09:35pm
Both India & Pakistan suffer from corrupt & incompetent Govts.Pakistan also suffers from fuedalism & an all controlling army.Pakistan is fast going down the plug hole because of exploding population of illiterates & the criminal Jehadis flexing their muscles.
Syed Imam
Jul 14, 2012 10:02pm
If the people of Pakistan are worst today they have only themselves to blame. Come every election they vote same corrupt party/leaders and somehow expect different results. They celebrate murders and lynching by mobs and stay silence or support the atrocities committed by the misguided religious/sectarian fundamentalists. You reap what you sow and shedding tears won't fix the problem. While world is becoming a global village, our progress is stalled due to our thinking mostly limited to regional and provincial issues.
Jul 14, 2012 10:12pm
I do understand the statistics but when going around in public one sees how people's priorities have changed and are changing it is surprizing. Things considered luxuries a generation ago are all necessaties today. Focus on luxuries and believing people with luxurious life styles to be role models is the main problems for increasing unhappiness and the media is not helping rather creating this problem. Giving a wrong perception of lives of people in europe is another problem. Reference point is often comparison of freedom of speech and lifestyle. Noone talks about how they have no servants and do everything themselves, follow the rules, remain awake for their children all night if they are sick and go to job next day.
Jul 15, 2012 12:07am
Population of both countries is at least 3 times more than it should be.Children is the gift of god notion is behind the problem.it is entirely in human hands how many are enough.if this simple universal truth is so hard to understand in 21st century then fate awaiting both countries is not hard to imagine.
Jul 15, 2012 12:58am
I appreciate your funny comment ! lol !
Cyrus Howell
Jul 15, 2012 01:37am
Cyrus Howell
Jul 15, 2012 01:40am
Zakir is joking. Surely sir, you jest. There is no reason to worry because nothing is going to be alright.
Jul 15, 2012 02:35am
Better off in which way?
Azim Bhimji
Jul 15, 2012 02:35am
Jul 15, 2012 03:30am
You are wasting you time Ahmed, people like vikas cannot see the irony, they are too full of themselves.
Jul 15, 2012 04:01am
I find myself in 95% Pakistanis who see themselves in trouble..
Jul 15, 2012 05:34am
The problem with pakistan is fundamentalist and radicals..any country can grow on the basis of tolerance and openness for all..acceptance for all..pakistan has become a half taliban state now where liberals and intellectuals have no space..see the Polio incidence..a small child's life is in danger but who is listening no one..rather than government people should stop radicals and fight against them.
Jul 15, 2012 05:48am
So what? Islam is expanding and Arab Gods are becoming more and more powerful. Pakistanis are living for Islam and arabians, not for themselves.
S N Iqbal
Jul 15, 2012 05:50am
Pakistan since its infancy has been hijacked by anti-state sinners in cloak of political leader and we are now enslaved to their atrocities after independence. Whether reigning or opposition they are all furtively united against masses. To deal with such a heinous conspiracy, few will have to take step farther than sharing of mundane views with others. We must move beyond our civilised approach towards solution. Masses need to take to streets, invade these convicted perpetrators and even their belongings. We only can get rid of these rogues if have mettle to embrace death in wake of the crusade. Else, keep on discussing the resolution on TV, internet, offices and where ever, All In Vain.
Naresh Reddy
Jul 15, 2012 05:53am
Even I think so hmm!
Jul 15, 2012 06:07am
Pakistan since its infancy has been hijacked by anti-state sinners in cloak of political leader and we are now enslaved to their atrocities after independence. Whether reigning or opposition they are all furtively united against masses. To deal with such a heinous conspiracy, few will have to take step farther than sharing of mundane views with others. We must move beyond our civilised approach towards solution. Masses need to take to streets, invade these convicted perpetrators and even their belongings. We only can get rid of these rogues if have mettle to embrace death in wake of the crusade. Else, keep on discussing the resolution on TV, internet, offices and where ever, All In Vain.
Jul 15, 2012 07:25am
We aren't like indians who even when small firecracker goes off in some remote village, Prime suspect is Pakistan and ISI
Jul 16, 2012 05:27am
Perhaps one of the fundamental issues of Pakistani society is this compulsive obsession with India, as can be seen even in these comments. A survey result illuminating us on the outlook of the average Pakistani results in a keyboard war between Indian and Pakistani readers in the comments section. On a different note, Pakistan is economically and socially in a downward spiral, in my humble opinion. The way security has detereorated in the last five years is downright alarming, frustration hangs thick in the air, the country's finances are in ruins and it is led by a man who served a prison sentence for money laundering. Religion has become a public good on which everyone exercises authority, instead of the private and personal avenue it is meant to be. Don't look at India, at least in economic terms they hit the mark. India is doing well for herself while Pakistan pays the price of ignorant, radical and corrupt leaders from day one. A disillusioned Pakistani
Jul 16, 2012 08:10am
I think its applicable for u only.
Jul 16, 2012 08:34am
The history of hate on both sides is there but the bigger reality is geography. You can only have prosperity in a peaceful neighborhood. It takes two hands to clap make sure when they extend their hand yours is not in the pocket.