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Grapes are sour? Really?

Published Jul 14, 2012 03:18am

•    Grapes appear in many colours. White, red, black, blue, green, purple and golden.

•    There are over 8,000 grape varieties worldwide.

•    The grape appears in the top 10 of the world’s favourite fruits, along with tomatoes, mangoes and bananas.

•    Grapes are botanically classed as berries.

•    Dried grapes (raisins) contain only 15 per cent water.

•    Grapes help minimise the risk of heart attacks because they increase the levels of nitric acid in the blood which prevents blood clots.

•    Grapes are used to help cure asthma indigestion, migraine, kidney disease and fatigue.

•    Grapes contain low levels of cholesterol, sodium and fat and are rich in vitamins K and C.

•    Grapes are a laxative if you eat too many.

•    Grapes are 80 per cent water so make a good snack, low in calories. — Compiled by The Surfer

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