The rally organised by various groups to close down Ewan-e-Tauheed.—Photo courtesy by Ewan-e-Tauheed.
The rally organised by various groups to close down Ewan-e-Tauheed.—Photo courtesy by Ewan-e-Tauheed.

LAHORE: The religious persecution of Ahmadis continued on July 10 when police authorities, under the supervision of DSP Sultan Meeran, desecrated Bait-ul-Hamd located near Kabari Bazar, Pul Nullah in Kharian, according to the spokesperson of Ahmadiyya Community.

The instructions were allegedly carried out on the application filed by Saqib Shakeel Ghazi, Syed Iftikhar Kazmi and other members of Tehrik-e-Tahaffuz-e-Islam under Section 298 B and C of the 1984 ordinance.

“The police officials accompanied by Town Municipal Administration (TMA) came during the night and asked us to demolish the minarets, whitewash the Kalima and versus written in praise of the Holy Prophet ourselves,” said Saleemuddin, official spokesperson of Ahmadis in Pakistan.

“We build places of worship throughout the globe and do not believe in destruction. We refused to follow the instructions on which the authorities themselves demolished the minarets and painted over the Kalima,” he added.

Saleemuddin went on to say that Bait-ul-Hamd was built in 1980 before the time Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims as per the constitution of Pakistan. He also said that though the entire procedure was conducted ‘amicably’, however, the desecration remains the worst form of violence that they could have faced.

Ahmadis face retaliation from authorities regularly for calling themselves Muslims or posing as one in Pakistan.

In January 2012, Ewan-e-Tauheed, located in Rawalpindi received numerous threats of demolition from religious authorities whereas Bait-ul-zikar in Lahore was demolished on court’s orders.

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July 12, 2012 1:24 am
Indeed we are for Allah and to Him is our return... How could anyone say that they are Muslim and go out and destroy a Mosque? The Holy Quran tells us to protect all houses of worship, whether they are churches synagogs or any other places where God is worshiped. How sad that this was done under the name of Islam. Ahmadies are not only Muslims, but they are infact the only religious group today that is following the true teachings of Islam through the guidance of the Holy Quran and the Hadith of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (may peace of Allah be on him)
July 12, 2012 12:05 am
you obviously prefer to be in denial Ali! do you think these maddies follow true Islam?
Bilal Rana
July 11, 2012 11:46 pm
Ahmadi Muslims do not provoke them into doing this. If you investigate yourself, which I encourage you to do, you will find nothing. It's quite the opposite actually. You are correct, 100% -- this is against the Islam taught by the Holy Qur'an and the Holy Prophet (sa)
July 12, 2012 12:42 am
This is another sad day in the history of Pakistan. Islam does not allow demolition or insult of Mosques and places of worship of any religion, much less of the people who are Muslims. These people who do such things are not just ignorant about Islam but also about the basic human rights. Ahmadiyya Community has never retaliated against such actions depicting true Islam.
July 12, 2012 12:48 am
You are most likely not from Pakistan. This is a routine thing there. No one needs to think for themselves-- just follow the Molvi....
Shahnaz Latif
July 12, 2012 12:49 am
Please wake-up Pakistanis. What is happening in your country in the name of Islam. Is this the teaching of Islam to demolished the minarets of mosque and even how a true believer of Islam can think about whitewash the Kalima and versus written in praise of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah upon him). Who is true Muslim the one who did all that Unislamic actions or the one who refused to follow the instructions. An Ahmadi Muslim will never do this action. May Allah give you wisdom and strength to fight against the falsehood and follow the true teaching of Islam. May Allah Save Pakistan.
Rahmat Ali
July 12, 2012 1:09 am
It would be nice, as Muslims, we compete or cooperate in doing much good and to spread love instead of violence.
Shakil Mirza
July 12, 2012 3:43 am
Yes islam does not allow the destruction of any place of worship, no matter a mosque, church, or temple etc... But who said these Pakistani Authorities are following Islamic practise, please judge all followers of their own religion by their faith, and not faith by it's followers
Arshad Ahmed
July 15, 2012 8:51 am
Honorable CJ of Pakistan, I WANT TO DRAW YOUR KIND ATTENTION TOWARDS THE FOLLOWING NEWS OF DAWN.COM LAHORE: The religious persecution of Ahmadis continued on July 10 when police authorities, under the supervision of DSP Sultan Meeran, desecrated Bait-ul-Hamd located near Kabari Bazar, Pul Nullah in Kharian, according to the spokesperson of Ahmadiyya Community. Being a Pakistani (By Birth), a Muslim (By Birth, no matter was declared Not Muslim at the age of 23 years), a Senior Citizen of Pakistan, who retired from a prestigeous Government Organization in Grade-19 after serving for more than 41 years with distinction, who achieved several Performance Awards including Gold Medal. My introduction above is very briefly described otherwise I could have mentioned much more. Having said that I would like to ask few questions from Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan. What type of judicial system you are running in the country? Why you have not taken Sou Moto against the involved Police Officers in the above said case? Against those who control Police (Chief Minister or Governor). I want to remind you that you had taken Sou Moto against Atiqa Odho. So why you cannot find time and take Sou Moto against DSP Sultan Meeran and other Police Officers involved in the Kharian incidence. OTHERWISE I WILL BE COMPELLED TO BELIEVE: "PAKISTAN MEIN LOG VAKEEL NAHIEN JUDGE KARTAY HEIN. AUR JIN KE PASS BOHAT MAAL HAI WO CHIEF JUSTICE KARTAY HEIN." Laikin!! Ahmadi na Vakeel aur na Chief Justice kartay hein HUM NE SIRF ALLAH KO KIYA HUA HAI. A Patriot PAKISTANI
July 17, 2012 2:47 pm
Hindus, Christians & Sikhs should also be allowed to build Minarates and should be allowed to call their temples mosques in Pakistan like Ahmadi religion is asking. Every religion should be given proper rights like each muslim of this country having. No matter Ahmadi or any other religion.
July 11, 2012 1:58 pm
Shame on these losers, they have nothing better to do than harass law abiding community.
July 12, 2012 1:22 am
How alarmingly correctly someone said the other day, "The Pakistani people are screaming for God to send His wrath upon them at the top of their voice." May God have Mercy upon us all!
July 12, 2012 2:05 am
Why does govt have to get involved in personal matters of humans. Right to practice religion in between one and his or her God. Why Govt officals get involved with reglious zealous who believe that their version of Islam is correct and everyone else is wrong. Like America, it should be separation of Mullah and Government in Paksitan as Ahmadi;s are no less Paksitanis than illetrate mullah. People have forgotten the meaning of the white color on pakistani flag. QA must be regretting his decisions to make a separate homeland for narrow minded people like current day Paksitanis.
July 12, 2012 2:37 am
The pakistani government is discriminating against the Ahmadiyya community, there is nothing more to it. islam does not allow for religious discrimination but who says these people even follow the true islam anyways.
July 11, 2012 7:46 pm
Your assumption that this was done by Muslims is wrong. My Allah protect Pakistan from the cowards who control it. Seems to me that all the Allah fearing brave Pakistanis died in the war with India.
July 11, 2012 7:44 pm
There definitely is!!!!!!. Pakistan is one of the worst countries protecting basic Human Rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahmadis and other minorities in Pakistan have been persecuted since the creation of Pakistan. The country which once struggled for its independence for Muslims in the subcontinent and promised to be a save heaven for minorities, is now killing its minorities, burning down their houses of worship, spreading hatred openly in prominent Pakistani Media and even wiping of the names of almighty Allah and our holy prophet Hazrat Mohammed saw. peace be upon him in mosques. Brainwashed Politicians in Pakistan have stained the Pakistani constitution with filth and violence, under the influence of insanely violent Mullas, to gain political power. This constitution has nothing to do with Islam anymore. You have all right to question the actions of these Mullas and especially Khatme Nabuat who actively promote these kinds of actions! What kind of Islam are they portraying? What kind of Islam are they presenting? Do they not fear the wrath of Allah the almighty? Regardless of religious beliefs the holy prophet peace be upon him during his whole life stressed and spread the message of peace and harmony trough his actions to the barbaric Arabs of that time and won their hearts trough his actions. It is a shame and it hurts to see these Barbaric Mullas killing their way through and spreading hatred and fear into the hearts of Mankind.
umar saeed
July 11, 2012 6:58 pm
the question is .... 'are these the real muslims that destroy mosques & minaret & paint over the kalima' ??? ... some food for thoughts for the Pakistani (people of the so called 'ISLAMIC republic of pakistani).
July 11, 2012 2:20 pm
There must be more to this story as I can not believe it was just demolished. Islam does not allow demolition of such sites.
Noor Forum
July 11, 2012 1:19 pm
Do you think that minorities in Pakistan are being persecuted?
July 12, 2012 5:51 am
Ahmadis are progressing and multiplying Ahmadi’s all over the globe…
July 12, 2012 7:30 am
Very sad action. Every religion has equal rights in their country.
Manzoor Ahmed
July 12, 2012 9:46 pm
Another sad day in the already chequered history of religious tolerance in Pakistan. The days are not very far off when people from different sects would ask to destroy mosques of opposing sect. May Almighty have mercy on us...
July 12, 2012 11:17 pm
no doubt.
July 12, 2012 11:21 pm
this should be the case..
July 13, 2012 9:04 am
The Government should take care of his citizens, This is his Duty. in the Time of Holy Prophet(pbuh) in Madina, he took care also all citizens of Madina. Pakistan is a Muslim Country, and they should follow the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Mohammad saw. May Allah enable the Government.
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