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KRC set to stage six races today

KARACHI, July 7: A six-race card has been drawn for the Gymkhana race meeting which takes place at the Karachi Racecourse on Sunday.

The first race gets into action at 2.30pm. Following is the field and our selections:

THE RIM JIM PLATE FOR UNKNOWN HORSES 4 ½ F: Daniyal Prince 9-4, Sugar Free 8-10, Mere Hazoor 8-10, Dancing Doll 8-1, Star To Win 8-0, Black Berry 8-0. Win: Daniyal Prince. Place: Star To Win.

THE RIM JIM PLATE CLASS VII DIV IV 5 F: La Di Da 9-2, Poonam 8-6, Star Watch 8-0, World Class 8-0, Lucky Gem 7-11, Sherzad 7-10. Win: Poonam. Place: World Class.

THE RIM JIM PLATE CLASS VII DIV V 5 F: Humsafar 9-0, Days Inn 8-13, Khabardari 8-12, Fakhr-e-Chanab 8-6, Khamosh 8-6, Guru Manter 8-3, Green Nip 7-11, Bholla Bhala 7-10, Touching Wood 7-10. Win: Khabardari. Place: Humsafar and Green Nip.

THE RIM JIM PLATE CLASS VI AND VII DIV I AND II 5 F: Mr Khan 9-12, Bankable 9-4, Laitay Jao 8-10, Easy To Walk 8-1, Freedom Song 7-10. Win: Easy To Walk. Place: Laitay Jao.

THE RIM JIM PLATE CLASS VII DIV II 5 F: Stall Wart Fighter 9-0, Gold Finger 9-0, Honourable 8-12, Fly To The Moon 8-10, Jumping Julie 8-8, Sugar Baby 8-7, Gallant Act 8-6, Racing Fire 7-11, Dexterous 7-10. Win: Fly To The Moon. Place: Racing Fire and Stall Wart Fighter.

THE RIM JIM PLATE CLASS VI AND VII DIV I AND II 5 F: Rytham 9-4, Lolly For Dolly 9-1, Jungle De Malka 8-9, Bacradi 7-12, James Bond 7-4, Koo Koo Love 7-4. Win: Rytham. Place: Bacradi.—Anwar Zuberi

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