Eliminating loadshedding

IF the government takes strict action against those who steal electricity then half the problem of power shortages would be solved. The problem of loadshedding should be given top priority by government officials.

It is time politicians started acting in order to solve the general problems of the people of Pakistan rather than fighting for getting into power and doing nothing.


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atif khan
Jul 08, 2012 08:39am
In addition to electricity being stolen, I came across a fact which usually we don't consider, I went to buy a normal ceiling fan and after some discussion came to know that these days most of the local fan manufacturer are using china copper instead of pure copper in order to save big margin and earn more, china copper is low quality wire which is not pure and is produced by dipping some wire in liquid copper. These days most of the household which require copper espeially water pumps and fans manufactured locally using this china copper, which ultimately results into wastage of electricity.Government needs competent people who can think to this extent and bound local manufacturer
Arshad Patel,Ohio US
Jul 07, 2012 04:56pm
Someone very honest and devoted has to come forward and study all the problems related to current generation and the utilization of electricity. What is the Capacity of Generation, how much is utilized ( Billed properly ), how much is stolen and how much is wasted ( Utilized on our VIP culture ). There will be no end to these shortages and LOAD SHEDDING if there is no CHECK on our wastage ( ALL FACTORS INCLUDED ) regardless to how much we increase the generation ?
Muhammad Alvi
Jul 07, 2012 08:51pm
Stealing electricity does not have any effect on load shedding. Stolen electricity is also put to use. If it passes through the meter, it is still used and needs supply. The problem with energy in Pakistan is that there has been no planning to meet the demand. I am not sure if someone in the government has any ides of planning - tomorrow is only left to god.
Jul 08, 2012 01:21am
Is that all?