Child labour in Pakistan

THIS is apropos of Fida Hussain’s letter ‘12 million labourers in Pakistan’ (June 26). Children are the future of any nation and, therefore, they should be so groomed that they can become better citizens.

Child labour is a serious crime all over the world. The Unicef defines child labour as some type of work performed by children below the age of 18. There is something seriously wrong with our country which not only fails to educate all its children but also depends on them to keep its economy afloat.The country is heading back into the dark ages with only a few lucky one receiving education. The number of child labourers in our country is about 12 million.

According to statistics released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics last year, 3.8 million children in the age group of five to 14 years are working in our country out of a total of 40 million children. Fifty per cent of these economically active children are in the age group of five to nine years. Even out of these 3.8 million children, 2.7 million were claimed to be working in the agricultural sector. About 2,400,000 (73 per cent) of them were said to be boys.

The law says that primary education is compulsory for everyone, but we all know that actions speak louder than words. The government should supply free books to government schools and should make the level of government schools at par with that of private schools so that condition of equality exists.

The government should take notice of child labour as well and take strict action against those responsible so that the future of Pakistan becomes safe.


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Naveed Ur Rehman
Jul 03, 2012 05:56am
Javed this issue is really crucial and thank you for raising this issue with valuable information. Our government should think about it, children are the basics of nation and if we waste them in such a way, then we never become a powerful independent nation.
Jul 03, 2012 06:03am
well said...
Cyrus Howell
Jul 03, 2012 05:28pm
This is the primary reason Pakistan can never present a "soft image" to the world. At the same time Mustafa Kemel, the Atta Turk, reformed the Turkish government - Britain and America ended the capitalist pursuit of using child labor. Why educate children if they are needed as cheap labor? Why spend money on education? Why not take a family man's job away if you can use slave labor instead? Capitalists have no hearts and no conscience. It is all just a matter of accounting and net operating expense. They know there is no God that audits their deeds on Earth or in Heaven.
afzal ali
Jul 03, 2012 09:06am
nyce written and well informed about facts and figures. i hope u will pass the css exam as u and me waiting anxiously
Dad Muhammad Wadho
Jul 04, 2012 03:55am
sir this is very informative knowledge, about child labor, which is realy very serious problem of Pakistan. you raise it,. and and try to awake the governmental responsible,. fantastic. i hope that the result of css will positive for u.
Jul 03, 2012 11:58pm
Javed we really appreciate that people like you aware people like us on the facts. On the other hand I would suggest that we should extinguish the fire rather than let it burn. We should take some actions as this is the time for reacting to injustice. These are our children that's our future and everything depends on these young fellows. If they get education now, after 30 years we get good results and if they don't get basic education now later time Pakistan will be full of labours. These things are clearly understood by everyone of us including the Govt.
G. Thind
Jul 03, 2012 11:38pm
It amazes me to see that everyone is concerned about child labour but no one I see going deep into finding the solutions for this inhuman suffering. I see India suffering from same dilemma and trying to force RTE (Right To Education) act but again doing nothing constructive to curb the population amongst the illiterate and poor who have an average of 4-5 kids whereas educated and rich have no more than two. I have come across many couples in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong or even some parts of India including Punjab where some couples had only one, provided, off course, if first one happened to be a boy; it does not surprise me of old human gene, dependence on boys would not die so quick. Developing countries should approach the menace of overpopulation through curriculums in schools and places of worship emphasizing on ‘quality over quantity’ i.e. 1-2 child families.