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Loud music doesn’t attract

THE recent exhibition at the Expo Centre surely attracted a number of visitors and I was also one of them. I must say, it was worth visiting as every kind of accessory used in day-to-day life was available at reasonable prices.

The jewellery and clothing were quite exquisite, drawing the attention of visitors of various ages while the stalls with edible items were crowded with housewives. Furthermore, the lucky draws were also amazing.

However, the one thing that was irritating was loud music being played there. Each stall had its own loudspeaker and was playing a different song which neither allowed the visitors to understand nor enjoy any of the songs. I would definitely like to stress that loud music never attracts visitors; instead, it is the look of the stall, the product’s awareness and the amount of cooperation that allow for a greater profit. Therefore, I would like to request the management of the Expo to take notice of the issue and instead of allowing each stall to have its own speaker, a single music system would suffice.


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Jun 30, 2012 02:29pm
Sadly it is now one of the several annoying things people regard as normal. Fire works, aerial firing, shouting,making noise and lastly but not the least the Azaans on loud speakers, and than we complain that the world is against us.
Agha Ata
Jun 30, 2012 12:58pm
Loud music is a futile attempt to stop thinkng, as thinking is painful, morbid and very very gloomy, especially for a less eduacted and ignorant. The more intellectual you are, the lower soft music, at most occassions, would be your choice.