IQRA University, Karachi, is a reputed institution of management science and a large number of students study at the university.

It is situated in a busy area near Defence at Korangi expressway which connects to Sharea Faisal and Shaheed-i-Millat.

Here the traffic generally moves at high speed and so accidents can happen.

It is, therefore, necessary for the city administrators or the cantonment board and university to jointly build pedestrian bridges at various points, especially including two points near the old and the new campuses of Iqra University.

This will not only greatly help Manzoor Colony’s residents and university students to safely cross the double (incoming and outgoing lanes) bridge.

The Governor of Sindh and management of the university should take the lead and play their important role with the help of city administration to save a large number of people as well current and future students, especially after the completion of the upcoming new high-rise building of the university.

The cost of these bridges can also be recovered though advertising by city administration or the cantonment board and the investors (university, consumer, advertising companies, etc.) of the project.

Similar models can then be tried at various busy points in the city. I offer to provide assistance if required.


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Jawaid Islam
June 28, 2012 9:58 am
Its too essential, why was it not done sooner, is anybody's guess.
A. Khan
June 29, 2012 1:27 am
One of the reasons is that our fellow countrymen still prefer to cross the roads rather than walk safely across the footbridge. If you ever visit Islamabad, then airport to Islamabad road is a very good example. When will we learn to behave in a more civilized manner ?
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