RAWALPINDI: Several members of the National Assembly yesterday criticised the joint statement issued in Dacca a day earlier by some political leaders. Leader of the House Mohammad Ali said that the psychology of the signatories to the statement seems to be, “after me, the deluge”. He said he had not gone through the statement in full and, as such, he was not in a position to reply in detail. He shall, however, do so later.

Commerce Minister Waheeduzzaman said: “I am pleased to work on this Constitution. We have been elected to work on this Constitution and have taken oath to defend and work it.” He said that he was devoting his time and energies for the implementation of the development programmes. “I have no time for political exercises,” he remarked.

Mr Abdul Aziz remarked that the statement seems to be “the voice from the graveyard”. The signatories to the joint statement had played a political game and lost. They should not try to revive their political career through empty words. He asked them to leave the country and the people alone.— Agencies

Rats smell a rat KARACHI: Rats are getting the better of the 12-man anti-rat squad of the Karachi Port Trust. Reason: in recent years, the number of godowns in the KPT area has increased and so also the rats; but there has been no change in the anti-rat squad. The number of godowns has far exceeded the total number of rat-traps; and more often than not rats have a free run of the godowns.

Moreover, it is seldom that rats go near the rat-traps with which they have become only too familiar. — Staff Correspondent

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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How much do you know about Indian Elections?
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