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Golden words

I am a regular reader of YW. This magazine helps us to increase our vocabulary and knowledge by publishing different kind of poems, stories, information, etc.

All the sections in YW are very appealing, especially Golden words, but I feel there should be more sections included, like cooking sections or posters of different famous people.

Razmeena Asif, Karachi

Some classic summer fun

This is regarding the article Classic stories you should read by Gulrukh Tausif (YW, June 2, 2012). I agree with the writer that the thrill and suspense in reading classic writers is not achieved by watching a two- or three-hour movie.

I would suggest to my fellow readers that they should also make their vacations worthy and spend it wisely by reading books; which is no doubt a better habit and is helpful in a number of ways in developing character, enhancing the imagination, boosting creative skills and much more.

Tarteel Siddiqui, Karachi


The topic reading classic story books and summer tips is repeated every year; there is nothing new in these articles; it seems that the writers of YW have lost creativity. We want something fresh not the same old stuff that we have already read.

So it is my request to the writers to stop writing articles that have nothing new in them. Also, I request the YW team to not print articles like these as they are only consuming the space of the magazine where something really interesting and informative can be printed.

Syed Ehtesham Siddiqui, Karachi

I won’t give up

This is with reference to the article I won’t give up by Madiha Akhtar (YW, June 2, 2012). Everyone should remember that ‘winners never quit and quitters never win’, so if your elders (parents, teachers), etc., pass a comment on any of your habit/act that they might want you to change, instead of giving up or getting depressed, one should take such comment as a challenge and conquer his/her fears, so believe in yourself and don’t give up!

Syed Sharjeel Raza Naqvi, Rawalpindi

The three Rs of environment

This is with reference to the article The three Rs of environment by Rizwana Naqvi (YW, June 9, 2012). It was one of the most informative articles I have ever come across, also, an eye-opener to how we are spoiling our environment in a number of ways.

If we really follow the three Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle, we can surely save our environment. I hope many children would benefit from the article and will also follow the tips in it.

Inder Rajesh, Larkana


The three Rs of environment by Rizwana Naqvi was no doubt a wonderful article. The writer has provided very unique tips to reduce, reuse and recycle stuff. I will definitely follow them and request other readers of YW to follow and help make the environment cleaner.

Sanober Ashfaq, Karachi

The bang behind the universe

This is regarding the article The bang behind the universe by Arif Ali Abbasi (YW, May 26, 2012).

First of all, I would like to share that I find astronomy very interesting, yet very complicated to comprehend. Many a times, I try to read articles regarding the universe, but sadly as the topic is so profound I usually end up puzzled.

However, when I read the article The bang behind the universe by Arif Ali Abbasi (YW, May 26, 2012). I was literally surprised; the text was so simple and easy to understand. I appreciate Arif Ali Abbasi and request him to write more articles on astronomy so that many children would enjoy it and get knowledge about the universe.

Rahil Ahmed Shah, Islamabad

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