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Mosquito bites are a common problem in summer time. The usual reaction is a local skin inflammation that is red, raised and very itchy. Scratching the affected area, may cause infection.

Here’s what you can do to help ease the itch and pain caused by mosquito bites.

• Sharp fingernails can break the skin around a bite and let bacteria in. So keep your fingernails cut short to prevent scratching.

• Apply cold wet compresses to the area to ease discomfort.

• Wear long pants and long sleeves (if the temperature is bearable).

• Make sure window screens are used if you keep windows open in your home.

• Use insect repellant to help prevent bites from occurring again and again.

• If there is severe itching, apply anti-itch creams like calamine as needed to help prevent scratching.

• Use anti-inflammatory creams to help ease the inflammation and itching.— Compiled by The Surfer

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