What's on the menu at 2012 London Olympics? Only the adventurous find out. -Photos by Reuters

A traditional British meal of sausages and mashed potato in gravy, known as Bangers and Mash, is pictured in G. Kelly's pie and mash shop in east London

A traditional British snack of jellied eels is photographed in London

A traditional British snack of a boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, called a Scotch Egg

A bowl of rhubarb and almond trifle is photographed in Canteen restaurant

A traditional British desert of a bowl of strawberries and cream

A traditional British Sunday lunch of roast beef and yorkshire pudding

A traditional British cake made of different coloured squares of sponge covered in marzipan, called a Battenberg cake

A traditional British dish of sausages baked in batter, called 'Toad in the Hole'

A traditional full English breakfast of sausages, chips, baked beans, bacon, black pudding and toast is pictured at 'Enough To Feed an Elephant' cafe in London

A traditional British desert of meringue, cream and strawberries called Eton Mess

A cup of tea with two custard cream biscuits

A cup of tea and plate of biscuits

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