Published Jun 15, 2012 10:52pm

Can you spell eighty in two letters?


How can you double your money?

Look at it in a mirror.

How can you make seven even?

Take away the letter S.

How can you name the capital of every U.S. state in two seconds?

Washington, D.C.

How do you make a lemon drop?

Hold it and then let go.

How does a baby ghost cry?

"Boo-hoo! Boo-hoo!"

How does a broom act?

With sweeping gestures.

On what nuts can pictures hang?


What birds are always unhappy?


What can you hold without touching it?

A conversation.

What cat lives in the ocean?

An octopus.

What did Napoleon become after his 39th year?

40 years old.

What did one broom say to the other broom?

"Have you heard the latest dirt?"

What did the big watch hand say to the small hand?

"Got a minute?"  — Compiled by The Surfer

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