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Twitter: Much ado about Meera

“Reema is not my friend! She is a competitor and competitors can never be friends. She is jealous of me and has been from the time I entered the film industry. She is the one who has given me the toughest time in my career. For 10 years another popular leading film actress and I boycotted Reema and we decided not to work with her, which is one of the reasons for the film industry’s downfall. I also refused to work in commercials alongside her. I’m still the number one heroine of Lollywood and she doesn’t like that. She even once copied my hairstyle,” is what Meera thinks about Reema to date.

Talking to yours truly via telephone last week when she called up Images on Sunday, Meera’s list of greviances and allegations remained long and could merit a whole feature. She also insisted that had Reema invited her to her valima reception, she would never have gone.

Hmm… it seems the gloves have finally come off, at least in Meera’s case. What say, Reema?

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