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28 February, 2015 / 9 Jamadi-ul-Awwal, 1436


Professor: How was my class today?

Student: It had a happy ending sir. Everyone was happy that it ended.


Question: What should you pay apart from fee when you go to school?

Answer: Attention


Hina goes with her father at a horse race.

“Daddy, will all these horses win prizes at the end?”

Father: “Only the first one to finish, dear”

Hina: “Then why are the others still running?”


Son: “Dad, were you the one who told me they once kicked you out of the school?”

Father: “Yes son, why?”

Son: “I think it’s hereditary”


Teacher: Name five domestic animals.

Student: Dog, cat, cow and two goats.


Father to his son: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Son: “A soldier!”

Father: “But you might get injured by enemies!”

Son: “Then I want to become an enemy!”


Naila sees for the first time in her life a rainbow, turns to her mom.

“Look mom, what a wonderful ad”


Teacher: Give some example of pronouns.

Student: Who, me?— Compiled by The Surfer

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