I AGREE with the remarks of Saba Obaid in her letter on the ‘Role of English’ (June 4). It is a fact that no nation can create a new avenue for development in the educational sector if there is a dearth of one medium of instruction.

Our mother tongue is Urdu and we are proud of our language. Moreover, we can develop at all levels with the help of this language which is most precious for us in every aspect of life.

Progress cannot come without using your own language. There is no example of any country having made progress through the medium of a foreign language. It is not possible for a man to walk with the legs of others, and see with the eyes of others.

It is equally impossible for him to think in the language of others.

In view of the aforementioned facts, it is strongly advocated that we should adopt Urdu as a medium of instruction for all levels of education. English and other foreign languages, like French, Japanese and Chinese, must be learnt to enhance the flow of knowledge.

It calls for a change in our national thinking and attitude. Once Urdu is declared as the national language to be adopted as a medium of instruction at all levels of education, it will begin to take care of things on its own. Language creates width in its flow over time.


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