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US diplomats briefly held over illegal arms

PESHAWAR, June 4: Local police on Monday detained two US diplomats along with their Pakistani guard and two drivers on recovery of illegal arms and ammunitions from their vehicles on a Motorway checkpost.

However, the Americans, Daniel and Levan, were freed after US Consul General in Peshawar Dr Marie Richards visited the Chamkani police station and informed officials about their diplomatic status.

According to police, three Pakistanis, including guard Manzoor Ali and drivers Ihsan Ali and Asif Khan, were booked under the 13 Arms Ordinance. They will be produced before a local court today (Tuesday) for physical remand.

Police said the Americans were taken into custody along with their vehicles during examination on a Motorway checkpost when they were on their way to Peshawar from Malakand University.

They said soon after learning about the arrests, Dr Marie showed up and sought the release of Mr Daniel and Mr Levan but police took them along with three Pakistanis to Chamkani police station from where the two were freed afterwards.

Police said the detainees surrendered weapons, including four repeaters, four pistols, 70 magazines and 1,600 cartridges.

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