IT is difficult to find virtue in those who have not yet registered for their identity cards. The authorities have been more than patient and extended the deadline so frequently to accommodate even the laziest amongst us. But even then, with two days to go for the deadline to expire, many white-collar executive-level individuals are now rushing about getting the paperwork done. We tend to believe that it is the poorer sections of society, who would be ignorant and unlikely to do the needful, but this is not true and it is usually the educated class that brings up the rear.

Perhaps the ones who will truly regret missing the deadline are those who are on leave in their home countries or abroad and will not return before the deadline. They had ample time in which to complete the formalities….

How much patience can be shown if lethargy in the public invariably wins the day? …

The same sort of approach is seen for so many renewals and document deadlines. We will go for the renewal of our driving licences with a day to spare. The car registration will be probably on the 30th day of the grace period. As will the insurance.

Even visas and labour cards are held back till the last minute….

It will be interesting to see how large the crowd is on the first day of the fines once the deadline has expired. As far as the ID is concerned, those who have registered and paid the fees need not be concerned about when they will be summoned for the formalities, but it would be good sense to carry a copy of the form with the number of the application on one’s person after June 1 so that if there is a check the individual will have no problem.

It would also be advisable to retain the message sent via SMS and not forget the date of the appointment. There is still today and tomorrow so go on and do it because these delays have a habit of impacting on other facilities like visa change or applying for official sanction. — (May 29)

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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