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Hong Kong Company shows interest in Thar Coal Project

Thar coal reserves- File Photo

KARACHI: Jong Tai Energy Corporation of Hong Kong has showed its keen interest in investment in Thar Coal Project, Chairman Sindh Investment Board Muhammad Zubair Moti Wala said.

According to an official hand out on Sunday a meeting in this connection was held between Samson Pan, Chairman Jong Tai and Muhammad Zubair Moti Wala in which the matter was discussed.

Jong Tai Energy Corporation is interested in commencing of a project of producing fuel from coal in Thar by using Coal Water Slurry Technology which is not only effective but also environment friendly.

This technology would reduce 50 percent of the cost of production.

During the meeting Chairman Sindh Investment Board welcomed Jong Tais interest in the project, offered it provision of all necessary facilities and said that coal reserves in Thar were one of the best reserves of coal in the world.

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