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Cricketer turns anchor

It is quite startling how a non-journalist and non-TV professional can do a far better job on TV than most sports journalists or anchors.

Former Pakistani opening batsman Aamir Sohail co-hosts a show on PTV Sports. The cultural decency and sporting acumen (and sans getting provoked by geo-political conspiracy theories that are hurled at him) with which he does the programme is worth watching. To boot, he does not speak on cricket alone.

On May 17, Aamir S conducted an episode on tennis. His questions for the experts of the game were to-the-point and well-structured. Despite not being a sports journo, he is teaching a lesson or two to those pen-pushers who, with the advent of satellite TV, think they can do or say anything on live TV in any manner. Kudos to the cricketer!

A word about Aamir Sohail’s co-host: the chap seems to have a penchant for using the English language when it’s least needed, and he has literally exhausted the meanings of the word ‘flamboyant’. Easy on the English, man.

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