Learning through puppetry

THIS is apropos of the news report ‘Sesame Street team shares skills in Lahore’ (May 18). When learning becomes fun, it is rewarding and purposeful. The role of internationally- acclaimed ‘Sesame Street’, an American children television serial, in educating children through puppetry in an interesting manner is commendable.

While we witness the obvious dearth of educational and informative programmes for children, such positive steps are praiseworthy. There is a desperate need for entertainment catering to children which suits their age and mentality.

Since children, being impressionable, usually learn more and better through pictorial representation as compared to verbal representation, such healthy programmes through puppetry will save them from being exposed to violent movies and cartoons and educate them in a proper manner with fun and pleasure. They also help them improve their cognitive skills and enhance their learning skills.

Our private media should also highlight such programmes to educate children in the country.


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