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Foreigners with expired visas who fail to leave Pakistan by June 30 will be arrested and deported to their countries of origin, said the govt's orders.—File Photo

PEHSHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhawa government has warned all foreigners with expired visas to leave the province by the end of next month.

According to the KP government’s orders, if the foreigners fail to leave the country by June 30, their stay would be treated illegal and would be dealt with under the law leading to their deportation.

The provincial government has issued the directives in the light of the Interior Ministry’s order regarding the stay of foreigners in the country. The order directed all four provinces to issue a warning to the foreigners staying illegally, official sources told Dawn.

“All the commissioners, district police officers, DCOs, the FIA and other law enforcement agencies have been directed by the government to take action against the foreigners who are living here beyond the expiry of their visa period,” the officials added.

“The last day for such illegal immigrants is June 30, 2012 after which they would be arrested and deported under the 14 Foreign Act to the countries of their origin, after completion of their sentence under the law,” the source said.

Earlier in March, the KP government issued orders to deport more than two thousand Afghan refugees holding fake identity cards.


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