TV reporter, brother and friend shot dead

LARKANA, May 10: A reporter of a Sindhi news channel, along with his brother and a friend, was gunned down in Lalurounk, 27km from here, on Thursday night.

KTN correspondent Aurangzeb Tunio was sitting in his office in Lalurounk town of Qambar district when a group of 20 armed men arrived there and opened fire, killing him, his brother Rustam Tunio and friend Deedar Khaskheli on the spot.

Qambar-Shahdadkot SSP Captain (retd) Azfar Mahisar rushed to the scene of the crime with a heavy police contingent.

The family of the deceased accused people of Mughiri clan of committing the crime.

Sources said Khushboo Mughiri had allegedly eloped with Tanveer Tunio a few days ago, causing strained relations between the Tunios and Mughiris and the killings was the result of that incident.

Talking to newsmen, the SSP said an operation to arrest the assailants would be launched soon. He said the matter between Tunios and Mughiris was resolved on Wednesday.

The journalist community has condemned the killings.

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