THE World Food Programme has warned that 20 million people across West Africa are still at risk of a food crisis.

Things can be worse between August and December. Dried weather, lack of rains, poor harvests, lack of food and increased food prices are worsening the situation for poor people.

The Sahel region of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger are most affected. Drought is still considered worst in the last 60 years owing to lack of rains and water and people have lost everything and now migrating to other countries.

Somalia and Kenya are also worst affected by recent drought and things are going from bad to worse every day. Already 0.4 million people have migrated from Somalia to Kenya and are now living in camps without any necessities of lives.

Owing to the worst peace situation and continued fighting between government and Al Shabab fighters aid agencies are not able to reach and provide and help to drought-affected people, specially in Somalia.

Women and children are worst affected from recent drought and every one child out of five is facing risk of malnutrition and death. Some people walked 400km in search of food and water.

According to the World Food Programme, after the worst drought in 60 years the world response is still very slow and things are going from bad to worse every day due to lack of funds as aid agencies are not able to reach drought-affected areas.

Developed countries can spend millions of dollars against unseen enemies in different parts of the world but can’t provide relief to the suffering people. The UN and G8 are also silent and doing nothing to provide any relief to the dying people.


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