HYDERABAD, May 7: An academician, while reading a paper on diplomacy at the Sindh University on Monday, highlighted its changing face with reference to growing influence of the civil society and use of modern technology.

Prof Tanvir Khalid of Political Science, University of Karachi, also talked about the future of diplomacy and said traditional tactics and basic skills like ability to understand people’s views, respect, honesty, integrity and patience will continue in diplomatic dealings. The topic of her paper was “Dynamics of Diplomacy.”

Trans-national actors whose interaction potentials are aided by the communication technology have made diplomacy more complex, she said.

Intervention of NGOs as mediators in international conferences and conflicts, even if it is less than decisive, have made these a part of international politics and diplomatic process, she said.

The traditional agenda of diplomacy has changed with the emergence of unprecedented types of issues such as energy, resources, environment, space and sea utilisation, military security, ideology and traditional rivalry, Prof Tanvir Khalid said. It is easy to anticipate new methods of interaction in the face of new challenges, the international society was confronting.

Underlining the importance of technology in diplomacy, she said, it was a factor of independence contributing to changes because of fast-paced life and less patience and formality.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Dr Parveen Shah said tactful diplomacy and efficient statesmanship are the only answers to today’s world which is deeply plagued, marred, threatened and divested by sinister conflicts ferocious feuds, vicious wars and persistent problems.

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