A STAUNCH daily reader of Dawn, without fail, for the last 66 years, when Altaf Hussain, who would overthrow a sitting federal cabinet overnight by only one critical editorial, the immortal glorious journalist happened to edit it, I longed to read Ardeshir Cowasjee on your editorial page every Sunday.

In his inimitable style he did not spare taunting his admirers missing his column in Sunday at a function held in his honour.

Indeed I was also one of them who missed his reformative, objective and reasonable column coached in chaste English.

I was happily surprised to read his column on your editorial page (April 10) under the heading ‘The greening of justice’. I sincerely welcome his comeback to continue to enlighten your readers till he breathes his last and thus never to retire during his lifetime under frustration or grief of his efforts to improve the lifestyle at least in Karachi remaining infructuous.

If you are treading a right path sincerely and honestly, never feel disappointed or discouraged by your efforts not bearing targeted fruit readily. So my dear Ardeshir Cowasjee, please carry on as a patriot in true missionary spirit. A free tip of advice to you not to burn your fingers in theology, as this is neither your subject nor your business.


Updated May 03, 2012 12:01am

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Muhammad Javed
May 03, 2012 08:28am
Every Sunday morning despite knowing I will not see him in the paper I automatically remember him. What he wrote or what he said is debatable but what is firm and final that he was not a Munafiq
May 03, 2012 05:42am
I agree. Please Mr. Cowasjee, do not stop writing. We Pakistanis, both inside and outside the country, need you. I live in Quebec, Canada but still need you.
May 03, 2012 02:56am
I agree with your opinion on Cowajee.... He is truly missed....