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Heatwave persists

KARACHI, May 1: As the city remained in the grip of the heatwave driven by a change in wind direction with the maximum temperature rising up to 42 degrees centigrade on Tuesday, Met officials said the weather would remain dry and hot during the next few days.

Wind blowing from the sea earlier kept the temperatures down but a stifling heatwave settled over the city when it changed its direction a few days back. The mercury climbed to 42 degrees as the city began receiving dry continental winds from the northern side.

On Tuesday, the lowest and highest temperatures in the city were recorded at 28 degrees and 42 degrees centigrade, respectively.

Humidity (the amount of moisture in the air) was 11 per cent.

The Met officials said the weather was expected to remain hot and dry on Wednesday. The maximum temperature is expected to range between 41 and 43 degrees centigrade.

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