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Models present creations by various Pakistani designers.—File Photo

LAHORE: The four-day (April 13-16) grand Sunsilk fashion week by the Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) opened at the Expo Centre in Johar Town on Friday.

This April marks the fifth consecutive PFDC fashion week, the third year of prêt & porter fashion.

The first day was structured into two acts: three ramp shows (each consisting of six designers), and a trends show put together from the works of participating designers.

The Act 1 of week began with the sister duo Nickie Nina’s latest prêt a porter collection ‘Royal Military’. Though Nickie-Nina are better known for their sleek silhouettes and flowing clothes, this collection was a complete diversion from their well-known design sensibility.

The collection encompassed the strength and regal appeal of the military: the cuts and silhouette were inspired by the expert and almost rigid tailoring of military uniforms, as well as the sophistication and elegance of the armed forces. The silhouette was therefore more structured the lines more straight and rigid and the embellishments even more detailed than before. The colour palette was diverse and taken from traditional military shades along with an assortment of military insignia, medals and badges.

Next on the runway was Karachi-based designer Tazeen Hasan with her prêt a porter women’s wear collection ‘Evocative’. The collection is based in chiffons and the cuts are soft and feminine. The embellishments include frilling, interspersed with an extensive use of sequins, bugle beads and floral ornamentation.

Act 1’s second show belonged to the AZZA's spring/summer 2013 women’s wear collection ‘Inheritance"’ an ode to the creative director, Azeeza Desai Khan’s Indian and Afghani roots. The designer used artisanal textile craft of South Asia through rich embellishments, hand embroideries and silks fused with Western modernized cuts. The collection leveraged dimensional South Asian textiles including pure silks, chiffon, net and organza alongside antiqued gold and silk thread finished embroideries.

Opening for Day 1’s Act 2 was Élan’s collection titled ‘Flights of Fantasy’.

The designer, Khadijah Shah, took her design inspiration from fascination with Chinese designs resulting in her compilation of Oriental imagery put together over the course of several years. The colour palette ranged from popping yellow, pink, lime and electric blue along with neutrals; navy and cream. Khadijah has designed and produced two prints specifically for the collection; a white floral with butterflies and Chinese calligraphy and a cobalt cloud pattern -- both uniquely oriental.

Together the prints and plains were subtly colour blocked and juxtaposed to create a refreshing spring palette. For this collection, the designer had also reproduced Chinese art in sequin and cut glass embellishments for different pieces. It was a versatile collection which could be worn in many different ways and to that end there was an array of pants, tops, jackets and dresses that can be mixed and matched and dressed up or down depending on how one chooses to pair them.

Next on the runway was Muse with an Autumn/Winter 2012/13 women’s wear, hitting deep at the feminine heart. The collection consisted of pieces worked with delicate sequins in animal prints, as well geometric patterns. Fabrics used were crepes in powder blue, molten purple, emerald green and black.

The last designer collection on the runway belonged to Mohsin Ali -- women’s wear collection ‘Baran-i-Ishq’. Taking inspiration from the joy and rebirth that the season of spring brings, Mohsin’s latest collection celebrated the return of the season with a collection based in chiffon, jamawar and silk.

The first day’s finale was the ‘Trends Show’, which aimed to highlight the trends for the upcoming season through 15 ‘looks’ put together from the works of fourteen participating designers.


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Apr 14, 2012 05:03pm
Pakistan and MOST Pakistani, do many EVIL things in the name of Islam...
Apr 15, 2012 08:21pm
Will I think its good idea, just like Turkey only one country in Islam world which doesn't use word Islamic republic!!! And See where they are among the Islam countries....
Apr 16, 2012 10:24am
Now you want to decide what other Pakistanis wear!!! Nobody forced those ladies to wear those dresses on the ramp.... They are free to choose what they wear and they did exactly that....!!
Apr 16, 2012 10:00am
In the country where i live, its usually difficult to explain that everything in Pakistan is not as horrible as it otherwise has been projected by the media. It's true that we have got serious political and law and order problems , but the life goes on. Events like organising a fashion show, is a good example for the world to show that life is continuing in Pakistan and it has not been run by the fanatics.
Apr 16, 2012 09:56am
More than 90% of immigrants from Pakistani origin keep their values much better than people in Pakistan. Seriously, have you ever lived or visited West. If not, then please visit and you will get your answer. Some of the enlightened lot in Pakistan is much more westernized than actual westerners ..... please visit and you will see your self.
Apr 16, 2012 09:53am
very true tamoor
Apr 16, 2012 09:51am
Perfect, all should have freedom to wear or not to wear fashionable cloths. In the name of freedon and fashion, production of popular magazines with famous center page personalities are just round the corner. After all, its fashion, and everyone likes it. Get entertainment and give entertainment... you are so right. Welcome to the new Pakistan..... I think advancement in fashion in Pakistan is same way as it is advancing in Science & technology, Social and Economic issues, all striping similarly.......... But I love Pakistan
Apr 16, 2012 07:51pm
You know some people protest against animal research yet because of this research we are living an additional 23 years but these protesters spend 20 years of this additional life span protesting :) Now people who are against these shows are very similar because first they don't have much else to do then 'watch' something they should not and secondly they live in our country and not let other countrymen do whatever they want. What a shame! Please think positively!
Apr 14, 2012 11:00am
Very good. Pakistan is developing...
Qaiser K. Ahmed
Apr 14, 2012 01:25pm
Islamic Republic of Pakistan. May I suggest we remove the word 'Islamic' from our official name?
Apr 14, 2012 02:28pm
we should all recite Astaghfar !
Mohd Amir
Apr 14, 2012 02:29pm
I agree 100%. The sooner the better so we can step out from the stone age.
Apr 14, 2012 05:25pm
Some of the models had absolutely inappropriate clothes that do not reflect our heritage or culture.
Apr 14, 2012 05:50pm
Shame on Goverment and People of Pakistan..why u created a country in the name of islam if u had to do all this ..U better had lived with Indians...what different they are than u
Apr 14, 2012 08:23pm
Half of you have no sense and if you do then you should understand these shows are not for you. They are prepare and produce for international markets.
Apr 16, 2012 12:01am
great job....enough of killing ...tha;s sll i can say...
Apr 14, 2012 09:41pm
are u being sarcastic? if so, then thumbs up. if not then u need education bro
Mohd Amir
Apr 14, 2012 10:03pm
A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Baqar if you do not like their clothes then you should move to Saudi.
Apr 15, 2012 07:45pm
if you have such serious objections, then why did you watch 'baring thighs or calves'???
Apr 15, 2012 07:44pm
seriously tell me if you are given an opportunity to immigrate to the west, would you turn it down?
Irfan Sahotra
Apr 14, 2012 10:50pm
Various attempts of imposing western values on our society have failed miserably. These shows and similar such activities will never succeed in stealing our real identity.
Apr 15, 2012 04:03pm
Adeel is right. so, if I attend a fashion show, I need education? what kind of twisted logic is that?
Apr 15, 2012 07:30pm
I don't understand mentality of persons objecting to freedom to wear fashionable clothes. If you don't like it don't watch it. I can say that many of these men imposing moral values have watched other immoral stuff.
Apr 14, 2012 11:55pm
Shame on the media ... shame on Dawn for publisizing it ...
Apr 15, 2012 12:11am
This is nothing to do with Islam. Religion should be private affair and public. For God sake don't make fanatical biased opinions in the public forums
Apr 15, 2012 01:20am
you should be shamed not because of these events but beacause of atrocities are comited by pakistani by killing thousand of fellow citizens. I have not seen these comment from so called islam lovers.
Apr 15, 2012 02:43am
Apr 15, 2012 04:45pm
Adnan saad this is the problem which we as country is facing. Politics, religion and Busness are all different things. You need to see what is the global demand. With the exception of some people in India and Bangladesh no body wears shalwar kameez for example. So, tell me will it be fesible for Pakistan to put its all exports in fashion to shalwar kameez ? and if your answer is yes then we should end this discussion right now. but if you say no then this is purly business. Every country do that and then it become its Business brand. Well, to your other comments about models its their personal choice. Islam tells you to do things but it never force you to do it the way it wants you to be. Unfortunatelly we live in the believe that if we force it then it be better but its not and thats not Islam. I want to end this debate two examples one came from the best human ever put foot on the earth our Nabi. He always showed Islam and what Muslim must do by His actions not by forcing it on some one because when you force something on some one then problems happen which we are seeing these days. Last example of this forcefull ness is if you ever been abroad specially at the universities the first thing which a woman does who come from a country where hijab is a law is to take off her hijab and reason which they give is the same what I said it was forced on them either by their parents or by their goverments. But I will go back to the actual point what I wanted to say please when doing business at the world stage then you have to do things which otherwise dont like to see in your own country. Now this does not mean we do illligal things and for which we Pakistanis are very popular amoung business world.
Apr 15, 2012 03:50pm
Most of the Pakistanis would likely not agree to call it 'our' brand. We love fashion, yes; but 'our' brand of fashion doesn't necessitate baring thighs or calves. Anyway, if it is meant for the International market only, then I would've no objections if the models on ramp are non-Pakistanis too.
Apr 15, 2012 12:11pm
Then these must be held at international locations, not lahore and karachi.
Apr 15, 2012 09:10am
Nice show, all such events gives vent to creativity and novelty...such shows should be promoted as they will a lot in extinguishing extremism from society.
Apr 15, 2012 12:25pm
That is a lame remark. "Live and let live ..." just means that 'let the tide flow wherever it tends' .. even if it goes about sweeping away your own house! ... You may wear what you like, but organized shows create impressions on the people (which is their prime objective) which in this case and more negative than positive. We are already a confused society, please don't confuse us more!
Apr 15, 2012 09:21am
if they want to have a fashion show, whats YOUR problem?
Apr 15, 2012 09:21am
well, the models are not from your culture.. so, CHILL
Apr 15, 2012 09:22am
bravo, Pakistan, well done :) seriously, dawn, you are doing an excellent job. keep it up. We, Indians, rarely get to see the developed and normal side of Pakistan.
Kashmiri muslim
Apr 15, 2012 09:42am
Who wears these kinda clothes in Pakistan?
Apr 15, 2012 10:23am
Live and let live. Please don't decide how people should run their lives and what clothes they wear. Your faith should be strong enough to not get diluted by what's happening around you.
Apr 15, 2012 10:45am
For all those with Negative remarks, just don't watch.
Apr 15, 2012 03:27pm
Adnan Saab they do it abroad also but it is important for them to do these type of things in Pakistan as well because its your brand. The international players look at these type of things and Pakistan is a big player in fashion industry.
Apr 15, 2012 11:04am
Dude.... Calm down.... The dresses are designed for international market and a fashion show is just a showpiece to attract orders from foreign markets.... Its a free country and you are most welcome to conduct an "Islamic" fashion show
Apr 15, 2012 11:07am
Disgusting and sickning. A shame for Pakistan.
Jul 09, 2012 03:40pm
hypocrates. fashion is necessaray for a women to dress up gracefully and men to look handsome. i must say we all like fashion. but being a muslim we should think about to display dresses in different way, not on girls walking cheaply on a ramp as in other countries. who says muslim women wear only shalwar kameez. if you ever been in other muslim countries like Saudiarabia, you can hardly find shalwar kameez from arabic malls, it is being sold in pakistani and indian markets. arab woman wear very fashion able clothes. I MUST SAY. show dresses not girls.
Jul 09, 2012 04:03pm
hypocrisy, except Pakistan and India who wears shalwar and qameez. if you ever been in other Islamic countries you can hardly buy this dress from rabic mall. like Saudi Arabia , Arab women wear very fashionable dresses. we should promote fashion industry but being a Muslim we should think about it that how can we display dresses before others. being a Muslim we should not display our dresses on girls walking cheaply on a ramp as other country do. I MUST SAY. WE should use a different way to display dresses