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Creating awareness through painted walls

They were hit, pushed back and even fired at, but Egyptian activists have returned to the scene of deadly clashes in the heart of Cairo, determined to keep their revolution alive, this time armed with paint brushes.

From a distance, Sheikh Rihan street, a wide avenue in Cairo's usually busy administrative centre, looks eerily still. Not a car, not a moving soul.

But get closer, and a trompe l'oeil becomes apparent.

On the surface of a concrete wall built by security forces in the middle of the road, artists have painted a street scene recreating Sheikh Rihan with all its lamposts, pavements and trees, in a bid to melt away the barricades as part of their "No Walls" campaign.

Even after a popular uprising ousted veteran president Hosni Mubarak last year, activists have continued taking to the streets to push for the goals of their revolution - freedom, political transparency and social justice - which they say remain unfulfilled. To read more go here. – Photos by Agencies

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