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QUETTA, April 2: Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Dawood has disassociated himself from his son Agha Mohammad Ahmedzai who has reportedly said that his father wants to return to Pakistan.

Talking to reporters by phone from London on Saturday, Mir Dawood said he had had no contact with his son for the past two years.

He dispelled a perception that Ahmedzai had represented him or had his support for his participation in the official function held on March 23.

Mir Dawood said he had no representative or spokesman.

He said Ahmadzai had been under the influence of a pro-government nawab, Mir Aali Bugti, and his ‘family patron’ whose directives he was following.

“In the current circumstances of Balochistan, no one could be held responsible for any action of his brother, son or father,” he said.

Mir Dawood said all the youths fighting from the mountains and those struggling for the freedom of Balochistan in cities were like his sons.

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