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28 February, 2015 / 9 Jamadi-ul-Awwal, 1436

Effects of machines on health

THIS refers to the letter ‘Computers and health’ by Computer Junkie on Jan 26.

I agree with the writer’s point of view about the effects of computers on the human body. It is not just computers, we have to be very careful about using all electronic appliances. The use of TVs, microwave ovens, computers (especially laptops), etc., are very harmful machines which have captured our lives and made us dependent on them.

Research shows that computers badly affect the brain as well as the body. Use of computer in excess leads to headaches, mid-back pain, upper back pain, reduces male fertility, etc.

Another most harmful electronic item is the microwave oven. We consider it compulsory for our luxurious kitchens.

From German scientific clinical studies:

a) Continuously eating microwave-processed food causes brain damage. b) Male and female hormone production is shutdown by continuously eating microwave food.

c) Minerals, vitamins and nutrients are reduced and the human body gets no benefit. d) Prolonged eating of microwave-processed food causes cancerous cells to increase in the human body. It causes stomach and intestinal cancer growth.

e) It causes loss of concentration, emotional instability, decrease in intelligence and loss of memory.

In bygone days, food had no artificial preservation or colours. People used to eat fresh food, not refrigerated or microwave-processed food. They preferred healthy food and not junk food and energy drinks. They preferred eating grams, yams, dates and fresh fruits a lot. They led a healthy lifestyle.

On the contrary, in this day and age, we prefer eating fast food after spending so much money on it.

We should make our life simple and healthy by avoiding fast food as it increases the risk of heart attack.


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