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Ijaz refuses to appear before commission on Jan 9

US businessman Mansoor Ijaz.—File Photo

ISLAMABAD: Central character of the memogate scandal, Mansoor Ijaz refused to appear before the memo commission on January 9, DawnNews reported on Friday.

In a letter to the memo commission, Mansoor Ijaz placed a total of 19 conditions to be fulfilled before he appears before the commission.

Ijaz said that he would first record a statement in England before coming to Pakistan.

Moreover, he also expressed reservations about his security, and demanded that the commission ensure his protection.

Ijaz also stated that he was unable to appear before the investigative commission before January 15.

Ijaz's lawyer Akram Sheikh on Friday said that Ijaz would come to Pakistan on the condition that he is provided complete protection.

"Mansoor Ijaz is not the establishment's 'favourite'..he should therefore be assured of his security," said Akram Sheikh.

Speaking to DawnNews, Zahid Bukhari, lawyer for former Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqaani said that Ijaz’s reservations were only “imaginary.”

"This is an excuse. Ijaz is trying to run away from the issue," said Zahid Bukhari.


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