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Iranian border guards still in Pakistani custody

The incident occurred in a desolate area where the border is not clearly marked. — Photo by AP

QUETTA: A government official says authorities have yet to decide what to do with three Iranian border guards detained for allegedly crossing into Pakistan and killing a man.

Aalam Faraz said Monday the Iranians admitted to inadvertently crossing into Baluchistan province while chasing a vehicle. They allegedly shot and killed one man and wounded another Sunday.

Faraz says the Iranians claimed they accidentally shot the men when the fired on the vehicle they were chasing.

Pakistani border guards chased the Iranians back across the border, seized the two men who were shot and detained three Iranian border guards.

Faraz is waiting to hear from provincial authorities about what to do with the Iranians.

He is a senior official in Washuk district, where the incident occurred.

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