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March, 30 2015

Afghan president strikes softer tone on Pakistan

Afghan men watch their president Hamid Karzai addresses the nation in a televised program in Kabul, Afghanistan. -AP Photo

KABUL: Afghanistan's president says Pakistan has not lived up to its promises to help end the Taliban-led insurgency, but that he hopes the two countries can work together like brothers.

Karzai's Monday night speech carried a conciliatory tone toward neighboring Pakistan, in contrast to recent accusations that Pakistan is supporting militants believed to have been behind the assassination of Afghanistan's former president.

An Afghan commission said Burhanuddin Rabbani's killing was plotted by militants based in Pakistan.

Karzai says he expects the two countries will be able to cooperate because both have dealt with the violence spawned by the insurgency.

The careful language comes as Karzai prepares to depart for India, which Pakistan considers its archenemy.

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