THIS is apropos of the letter ‘Pakistan - India ties: impact on the region’ (Aug 7) by Sahib Dino Jatoi (Aug 7) No organisation — Saarc or UN — can sort out the tension between India and Pakistan unless there is an accord on Kashmir.

All old disputes can be resolved amicably, but not Kashmir! However, earnestly we all might so wish, the Kashmir problem isn’t going to go away and there is no solution except a compromise. So both countries should accept the Line of Control as the international border and shake hands.

There is no point in going into its causes, but today to take a plebiscite in J&K is not feasible as all Hindu voters have been driven out from the valley.

If the Chatham House Report on Kashmir (published in October 2009) is to be believed, then the choice of joining Pakistan is no more a popular choice with Kashmiri Muslims. The whole report can be downloaded and studied from the link: I appeal to all Pakistanis to make the efforts to read this report so they know the score and agree to the solution mentioned above.

The need of the hour is to read the writing on the wall and accept this solution and proceed towards lessening of hostilities and reduction on expenditure on arms.

Anyway, Pakistan should stop waging wars that it can hardly afford. With the US itself embroiled in its own financial mess, Pakistan can’t expect any more aid from America.

Now Pakistan’s ‘forever-friend’ China has also complained that Pakistan-trained militants were behind recent terrorist acts in Xinjiang province.

In fact, I feel that India is the only genuine friend Pakistan is left with. Pakistan should unclench its fist and extend its hand towards strengthening this natural friendship.

While Mr Jatoi seems be full of hopes, these factors need to be studied before allowing the euphoria of the recent Hina-Krishna dialogue to go to our heads!

K.B. KALE Jakarta

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Explore: Indian elections 2014
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