All the five people in the vehicle died on the spot.-AFP/File photo

QUETTA: An Iranian tribal elder, his younger brother and three security guards were gunned down on Friday in Mand Bloo, a town on the border with Iran, in Turbat district.

Levies sources said armed men on motorcycles opened fire at the vehicle of Abdul Razzaq Baloch. All the five people in the vehicle died on the spot.

A senior officer of Levies told that the security guards of the Iranian tribal elder were unable to retaliate.

He said the motive behind the attack could not be known. However, according to other sources the tribal elder had enmity with his opponents in the Iranian province of Baluchistan.

Security forces took the bodies to a local hospital. Investigation is in progress.

BODIES FOUND: Two bullet-riddled bodies were found in the Uthal area of Lasbela district on Saturday.

Sources said police took the bodies to the district hospital. The victims were identified as Sharbat Khan Marri and Zaman Marri, who had been missing since April 30 this year.

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