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Saleh warns of Yemen civil war, Gulf deal unsigned

Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh speaks to the press in the capital Sanaa. Saleh refused to sign a Gulf-brokered power-transfer plan, demanding clarification on “mechanisms” for its implementation, a ruling party member said. The deal would see him out of office in 30 days. -AFP Photo

SANAA: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh warned on Sunday of civil war if the opposition defied his call for them to be present at his palace for him to sign a Gulf deal on a transition of power.

“If they remain stubborn, we will confront them everywhere with all possible means,” he said in a televised address, moments before members of his ruling party were seen signing the Gulf Cooperation Council deal.

But Saleh refused to sign unless opposition were present.

“If they don't bow, and want to take the country into a civil war, let them be responsible for it and for the blood that was shed and that will be shed if they insist on their stupidity,” he added.

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