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April, 02 2015


Militants attacked a Nato terminal in Landi Kotal, killing three guards and torching three vehicles. –Photo by AP

PARACHINAR: An official says militants attacked a terminal in the Khyber Agency for trucks carrying supplies for Nato and US troops in Afghanistan, killing three Pakistani guards at the site, AP reports.

Government administrator Akbar Khan said the guards were killed on Friday in the town of Landi Kotal, close to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. He says the attackers slit the guards’ throats.

Militants also torched three vehicles, DawnNews reported.

Taliban militants often attack Nato supply trucks in Pakistan, though the vast majority of the goods are untouched.

Much of the non-lethal supplies for the war effort in Afghanistan come via Pakistan after being unloaded at the Arabian Sea port of Karachi in the south.

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