Chinese police threatened to revoke the visas of dozens of foreign journalists if they continue “illegal” reporting from sites where overseas websites have called for anti-government demonstrations. Some Chinese language websites are calling for more protests this Sunday, and for people to shout: “We want to eat, we want work, we want housing”.

Police have rounded up dozens of dissidents since online messages from abroad urged pro-democracy gatherings inspired by the “Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia.

Some foreign reporters were also harassed or beaten up by police or plainclothes security last Sunday in Beijing's Wangfujing shopping street, one of the designated protest sites. Police are now telling foreign reporters they might lose their government-issued journalist cards and residence visas if they continue to report from certain bustling parts of central Beijing without getting permission three working days in advance. Police smothered the area and no demonstration happened. – Photos by Reuters.

A paramilitary policeman stands guard at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

Policewomen ride motorised vehicles at Tiananmen Square.

A toy soldier attached with a Chinese flag is seen at the Forbidden City.

A policeman patrols at the Forbidden City.

A military band member performs at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

A hotel guide holds a sign at the Great Hall of the People.

Paramilitary policemen patrol around the Forbidden City.

Policemen walk with their dogs at the Tiananmen Square.

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Mar 03, 2011 10:38pm
I wish my government could be like China. It is dealing with a population of 1.5 bill and doing it very well. 80% of the people are prosperous and 99% are having jobs with good enough income, while keeping in mind that in China every thing is cheap. A coke cost you 0.15 cents of $. A bottle of water cost you 0.9 cents $. While a Chinese meal for a chinese person cost him 1.5$ in a restaurant. If any one still complains then they should start living in Mars...
Mar 04, 2011 06:18am
getting coke, water and food at low prices doesn't mean everything. Freedom is what people look for..everyone should be able to live in a free society. you do not have to ban journalist and websites because they say the truth.
Mar 04, 2011 11:46am
Long live the Jasmine Revolution.
Mar 04, 2011 04:08pm
a prison of gold is still a prison .
Mar 04, 2011 05:31pm
10% people control 40% wealth of the nation.
Mahmood Husain
Mar 04, 2011 11:07pm
China is a Super power.How could it acquire a prominent position,in the commity of the nations in just less than 60 years.After all there must be some efforts by their leaders. V,Pakistanis must learn a lesson from them instead of criticising them