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According to the list presented in the NA, the US has the largest number of officials with diplomatic immunity in Pakistan. — File photo

ISLAMABAD: As many as 2,570 foreigners currently working in foreign missions of 78 countries in Pakistan enjoy diplomatic immunity, Minister of State (MoS) for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar Friday told the National Assembly.

The MoS informed the House in a written reply to a question of Sajid Ahmed that a total of 1,919 foreigners are diplomats while 651 are non-diplomats.

Giving details of the countries and diplomats she said that 851 US nationals working in Pakistan enjoy immunity. Out of these 554 are diplomats while 297 are non-diplomats.

Similarly, 170 UK nationals are enjoying diplomatic immunity. These include 167 diplomats and three others.

It was informed that out of total 168 Saudi nationals, 134 are diplomats. Moreover, 117 Indian nationals, including 26 diplomats, also enjoy diplomatic immunity in Pakistan.

The Minister further said that 56 Germans, including 54 diplomats, 60 Afghans including, 57 diplomats, 61 Italians, including 34 diplomats, 28 Turks, including 25 diplomats, 64 Iranians, including 55 diplomats, 98 Russians, 87 Chinese and 60 French also enjoy diplomatic immunity in Pakistan.

It was also informed that 31 US nationals are working in the US Consulate in Lahore and enjoying immunity.

Similarly, 52 and 58 US nationals work in US consulates located in Karachi and Peshawar respectively and enjoy diplomatic immunity.

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