Two women killed in Peshawar roadside blasts

Peshawar, Peshawar blast
Three children were also wounded in the explosions. — Photo by AP

PESHAWAR: Two women were killed and seven other people wounded, including three children, on Wednesday in two roadside bomb blasts in the suburbs of Peshawar city.

“Two women were killed when two bombs exploded close to a school van travelling along the road,” police official Iftikhar Shah told AFP.

Hospital officials said that four other women and three children were also injured in the blasts.

Shah said that a private school van was the target and the two bombs exploded in quick succession.

Television footage showed the mangled wreckage of a white Suzuki van encircled by policemen.

Local police chief Amir Sultan said that the bombs were likely detonated remotely.

“We have found battery cells and other material at the blast site which suggest that the bombs were detonated by a remote control,” Sultan said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bomb attack, but Taliban militants opposed to girls education have destroyed several schools in the region in recent years.

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