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Mobile phone snatching in Karachi

Published Dec 20, 2010 01:03am

THE crime of mobile-phone snatching has made the life of the people miserable in Karachi as it psychologically affects their lives. People don’t feel safe anymore while walking on the road, sitting in a bus, and riding on motorcycles with their mobile phones. Students of a private university conducted a survey to find out the main causes of this rising problem. Almost 50 per cent of respondents said that the main cause of this rising crime is lawlessness in the city. They also said that the police were unable to control this crime.

Respondents said that the city government does not pay serious attention to this problem and no concrete steps have been taken as yet to eliminate this crime.

Another 50 per cent of respondents said that such a problem is the result of unemployment and poverty. They also said that the crime rate had now doubled in comparison to last year. Furthermore, the fear of cell-phone snatching has made people psychological patients. Many precious lives have also been reportedly lost.

It is the responsibility of the government to take some concrete steps to root out this crime. Some suggestions may support the law- enforcement agencies in controlling this serious problem.

1. The government should patrol areas on a regular basis, increase the punishment of such criminals, and ensure more security on deserted roads, etc.

2. Exemplary punishment should be given to those criminals who are found guilty of this crime.

3. The local government should implement these steps with proper check and balance to ensure elimination of this crime.

4. Police should take the local government into confidence because they know about the criminals and culprits.

5. Media can play its role by giving awareness through advertisement on TV and newspapers.

6. Mobile phone companies can play a role by giving the information of “IMEI” code and blockage of mobile phones.

7. If an incident of cell-phone snatching takes place, the victim should give it calmly because any resistance can cost his life.


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