Mortar shells fired from Afghanistan kill three

MIRAMSHAH, Sept 10: Mortar shells fired from Afghanistan killed three people and injured five others in Saidgi area of North Waziristan on Friday, residents said. Officials said that several mortar shells were fired from a Nato base in the Khost province.

According to reports, Nato forces were setting up a base camp near Pakistan border. Taliban attacked the camp on Thursday night which led to a heavy exchange of fire. Several mortar shells landed in Saidgi area and three houses were damaged.

Reports said that three people were killed and five others injured, who were taken to a hospital in Miramshah.

AFP adds: “Three people were killed and five others were wounded by mortar shells fired by coalition forces from the Afghanistan side during a gunfight with Taliban militants,” a Pakistani security official confirmed.

Nato’s International Security Assistance Force said they had “no reporting of any ISAF operations in that area last night or today.”

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