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Tension has slightly reduced, says FO

ISLAMABAD, June 7: Observing slight reduction in Indo-Pakistan tension, Foreign Office spokesman will take place only when Indian forces are withdrawn from forward positions.

“It appears that there is a very slight reduction in tension but the real de-escalation and reduction in tension will take place only when the Indian forces deployed on forward positions in an offensive posture are withdrawn from the borders,” the spokesman told BBC Television.

He said before that it is very difficult to say that how durable and how long this de-escalation would be.

“We are gratified that the international community is paying attention and they are trying to defuse the situation and reduce tension”, he said.

On Indian proposal of joint border patrolling, the spokesman reiterated Pakistan’s stance that in the given conditions, this proposal will not work.

Besides, he said the proposal has not properly been sent by the other side rather it is based on media statements.

He said if there is a proposal, it should be made formally through the diplomatic channels.

The proposals need to be discussed across the table, he said adding, “we may have counter proposals, we may have some questions about proposal. All these need to be discussed and answered.”

He said Pakistan has given assurance that no cross-border activity is taking place. If India does not take these words then there should be neutral observers under the UN supervision to monitor the situation on ground.—APP

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