HYDERABAD: AAG, NBP’s regional chief summoned

HYDERABAD, June 7: The Sindh High Court, Hyderabad circuit bench, here on Wednesday issued notices to the Sindh additional advocate-general (AAG) and regional chief executive the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) for June 14.

The notices were issued on an application sent by police constable Amb Khan Leghari.

The policemen had sent a letter to the court which was converted into a constitutional petition.

The applicant said he had availed the facility of a loan from the NBP Kotri branch, but bank manager Tahir Hussain was deducting monthly instalment of Rs1,500 or Rs1,400 illegally.

He said the manager was causing him mental torture and sought justice from the court.

He demanded that the deducted amount should be paid to him and added that one police guard of the bank was colluding with bank manager.

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