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Passport returned to Mukhtaran

ISLAMABAD, June 27: Mukhtaran Mai said on Monday that she had received her passport. “I have received the passport late night,” she said smilingly when asked about the passport in the Supreme Court during a tea-break. She was prevented from going to the United States on an invitation by a non-governmental organization (NGO). She was to speak on the plight of Pakistani women. However, her passport was seized and her name was put on the exit control list (ECL).

Later, when local NGOs raised a clamour, her name was removed from the ECL and she was allowed to travel.

About her plans to visit abroad, Mukhtaran Mai said she had not yet made up her mind about visiting the US.

She expressed the confidence that the Supreme Court would do justice by upholding the trial court’s verdict of awarding capital punishment to the accused.

After court’s proceedings, Barrister Ahsan told reporters that his client wanted that the Supreme Court should decide the matter since all the evidence and relevant record was before it.

“We do not want that the matter be referred to the Federal Shariat Court as it would only prolong the case and add to the agony of the client,” Barrister Ahsan said.

The appellant (Mukhtaran Mai) is also clear that the high court had rightly assumed jurisdiction to hear appeals against the trial court and the Supreme Court should decide the matter by sifting all the evidence before it.

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