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Is your office supportive of working parents? Tell all in this survey

Do your company's maternity and paternity leave policies need reworking? Or are they actually up to the mark? Take's survey, and share your stories in the comments section below.

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GMK Jan 11, 2017 07:35am

Yes, I got paternity leave from my company. Although their policies are not up to the mark but the company also support financially to some extent.

Imran Jan 11, 2017 08:02am

this is just for Pakistan?

sadia Jan 11, 2017 08:50am

why parents? why not just working mothers? pakistani men take no responsibility of raising the kids. they think it's beneath them to do so.

Mohsin shayan Jan 11, 2017 09:05am

I work in public sector. My office does offer daycare facility but parents have to bear all the cost incurred on running the daycare facility, including attendants' salaries and utility bills. The health insurance that the office offers to its employees is deducted from their salary. These are all counted as benefits that the office offers to its employees, however, the cost is borne by the employees themselves.

US Jan 11, 2017 09:30am

My office does provide the facility, but I m not parent yet -)

Nida Jan 11, 2017 09:40am

@Imran i think so. They cant do it for whole world

gill Jan 11, 2017 09:44am

This culture is not limited to parents, it is mostly targeted on married females. I have been married for two years and have no kids. Yet everywhere I apply, the interviewers are like 'what if you are to have a baby, we cannot afford to keep you on in such a case. You would only be able to work for like two trimesters'. It is unfortunate that I cannot have a career just because I might have a baby.

Adil Jan 11, 2017 09:56am does but i am still single :-)

Bil Awan Jan 11, 2017 09:55am

@sadia you can't simply generalize. I work and take care of my daughter along with her mother. I feel no shame and infact i'm proud of spending such quality time with her.

ramsha yasir Jan 11, 2017 10:17am

First of all there is no concept of 'paternity' leaves. Secondly, there is only two months maternity leaves allowed the other one month is your annual leaves which you have to keep safe for the entire year to make it the so-called 'three-month maternity leaves'. I got so sick during my pregnancy and had to take leaves which resulted in 28 days unpaid leaves.. This policy needs to be reworked.

sharjeel Jan 11, 2017 10:41am

Nice effort, however, if it is exclusively for people in Pakistan, you may choose to replace the word "partner" with spouse as the former may sound offensive to paranoid people like me.

aaaa Jan 11, 2017 11:35am

i work in a private sector and they do allow maternity leave for 1 month only and that too unpaid. three of my colleagues had to leave this job just because they need at least 3 months of maternity leave. since i too am expecting now so i have decided to look for an other organisation who offers paid maternity leaves of three months. suggestions please keeping in view that i am a Doctor.

marium Ahmed Jan 11, 2017 12:58pm

My company limited Maternity Leaves from 3 Months Paid to 2 Months Paid M-Leaves. It should be upto 3 Months, secondly there should be some flexi timings for the Mothers.

My Child went to Day Care offered at my Husband's office and it is One of the best arrangement i have seen in Karachi.

BUSHRA ARSHAD Jan 11, 2017 01:00pm

provision of Daycare centre in government offices must be mandatory as number of female employees is increasing with the passage of time as it will provide them peace of mind and will be helpful in greater efficiency and less absentees.In most cases you go extra mile to prove yourself in male dominated workplace and it cost your family time as well which create guilt concience in almost all working moms.

Saad Rashid Jan 11, 2017 01:12pm

Being a male there's no concept of paternity leave in my company. Also I'm in telecom operations sector which is 24x 7 job and there's not even time for your own rest, just forget the time you can give to your family

Ghouri Jan 11, 2017 04:37pm

You do not get any leaves other than Annual or Sick leave in Saudi Arabia.

ayman KAMRAN Jan 11, 2017 08:35pm

Although paid maternity leaves and medical insurance is provided, however, the maternity leave allowance in not provided at the time of the leave but later on after the leave is availed and the emolyee joins back; that too in installments. Hence, you don't get the amount when most needed. Jan 11, 2017 08:41pm

@sadia I disagree because I have a very supportive husband mashaaAllah

Imran Jan 12, 2017 02:45am

@Sadia, well not all Pakistani men are same, like all women are not same, i being a husband and Dad for more then 18 years support my wife in Dish washing,House cleaning, taking kids for sports and helping them with School Assignments and any other assistance required from time and again, its not about Pakistani or not its about the perception

Imran Jan 12, 2017 02:47am

@Nida, what i meant was that this is not much applicable in Pakistan and questioner is more directed towards western countries law and rules, not much of the scenario fits our working culture, as i am out of Pakistan since more then a decade, so if things are in this direction then i am really delighted to know

Muhammad jabber Jan 12, 2017 07:04pm

Metrenty leave should be more than 3months. Day care mandatory. If both hasband&,wife are serving then relaxed timing for feeding mothers.